Week 24 – Cleaning Up the Cobbler

The beginning of the week took me on a boat ride from Tarbet to Inversnaid to help Rosie in leading her volunteer work party for the day. As well as her troop of returning volunteers, we also had a work party from Lloyds TSB who had come out on their annual volunteering day to take part in ‘Make a difference day’. I was tasked alongside Tom to help clear and widen the RSPB managed woodland trail which had become overgrown with vegetation. It was a really good day working with the group and great to talk to them about the sense of achievement they all felt after a day of path work. They really enjoyed the day despite the torrential rain and it was very different to their daily office environment. I’m so pleased with our result and know that it is really appreciated by RSPB Site Warden, Fraser Lamont who was kind enough to give us a tour of the reserve before we began working.

The rest of the week saw us return to the Cobbler for the final time. I’m not saying i’ll NEVER go up again, but we’re on a break for the next wee while! We had a few small sections of the path spec to complete and a lot of landscaping and tidying up to do to get everything finished for Friday.

img_6248I’ve really enjoyed working to Gordon’s spec drawings on this site. It’s been a good chance to see a section of path, pre-work and understand the reason for certain features to be required, be it for drainage or gradient control. The weather has been extremely unforgiving this time around, but I think that’s all part of the test to see if we can cut it as path workers. No-one cried, so I think we’re doing ok! The photo’s below show a comparison of before and after photo’s of the path. This site has given us a chance to practice a lot more stone pitching techniques than we have before. Everyone contributed to at least one section and I think we all feel a strange sense of ownership of the mountain now.

Before                                                        After

For now Ben Arthur, it’s adios from me!

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