Week 26 – The Penultimate Week

img_6471Returning to the Harry Lauder Memorial site in Glenbranter this week, Rory and I continued to work on the first stretch of the path, building stone pitching steps above the cross drain we finished last week. We needed to curve the path around to the left to meet the flat level surface at the top. Apart from finding the original old tarmac A815 and having to hack away at it with a mattock for a while, everything has gone really well. Building with quarried stone has been very different to having to just use what we could find on the Cobbler. There have been so many more flat surfaces to work with and I could get used to this lowland path millarky. No walk in, lovely wee sun trap! The photo’s show the process from start to finish. We are really happy with the result and feel we have created a really inviting start.

Simon has been working on building the larger cross drain which meets the clay culvert pipe running through the embankment to reach our smaller one. Originally, there was a sort of wooden bridge crossing the ditch, so large stones have been needed to reduce the step across and gain quite a lot of height. Simon’s been quite vocal this week whilst wrestling with rocks, but the result is quite a brute of a cross drain that will definitely do the trick!

Fraser worked on the next section setting in a stretch of anchor bars needed to reduce the paths gradient and they will also act to control the movement of surfacing downhill.

Then we come to Ryan’s “Stairs to Mordor” as I like to call them. This was the steepest section of path so needed continuous stone pitching to reach the corner. It also functions to really contain the path and it would be unlikely that walkers would choose to take an alternative route.

Once Ryan, Rory and I had finished our pitching we put in another seven anchor bars to reach the kissing gate to the field.

Kieran began work on the next section of pitching towards the monument and the last stretch of wooden box steps have now also been removed ready for the stone work. Jake and Fraser have dug out the path tray around the fence line and this will be surfaced using type 1 aggregate and finished with wind dust as will the rest of the path.

Rosie is returning to the site with a volunteer work party on Saturday to carry out extra tidying such as final surfacing, ditch clearing and landscaping and the wooden handrails will also be reinstated.

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